Diving Philippines



Allow us to introduce ourselves! We are Arie Hoogendoorn and Desiree Pullens. On 2 January 2005, we opened the Magic Island Dive Resort. Although we are both instructors, teaching divers is not the only thing we do. Arie is responsible for the technical aspects of the resort, and for the dive centre. Desiree is responsible for the marketing, among other things. Together, we make sure that everything runs like clockwork at both the resort and the dive centre.
Cocheng is in charge of the reception area; you can always come to her with your questions. She is assisted by Nerissa, who, by the way, makes the best cappuccinos!


The morning team makes sure that breakfast is ready, starting at 6:30 a.m. Whether you decide to take a dive or just relax after breakfast, these same ladies will be cleaning the bungalows and taking care of other household chores. And they are at the ready again for lunch, assisting Mady in the kitchen while she prepares the meal. The team is supervised by Joy, who also does all of the shopping, including the fresh fruit served on board the boat.

At 3:00, the afternoon team gets to work. Together with Fred, Mady prepares all of the meals that are on the menu for the day. If you have any special wishes or requirements, be sure to let us know! The other ladies will bring you your drinks, serve you your meal and help wherever they are needed.


And just as important...Our boat team! Nelson is one of the captains, usually at the helm of the Magic Island 1. He loves to talk, and knows a lot about the underwater life. Please don’t hesitate to ask him any questions you have. The Nelson brothers, JR and Roland, also sail on the boats, and will take you to the dive locations in the area.

Manual supervises the dive guides, and knows (almost) everything about the underwater life around Moalboal. If there’s something you’d like to know, please don’t be afraid to ask! The other guides are Dennis, Juan and Ray. Zij wijzen je maar al te graag de bijzondere dieren die bij ons onder water leven. We would almost go so far as to say that our guides are true macro-specialists.


And of course, there’s the evening team. Craving a tasty cocktail? Make a selection from our long list of drinks, with or without alcohol. Chino, who runs the bar together with Chuna, is a master cocktail mixer !

Our driver Toting will not only collect you from the airport, he will also make sure you get there on time again for your flight back home. Junjun is a true all-rounder, and is responsible for all of the maintenance work at the resort. Mario maintains the beautiful gardens, and also keeps the swimming pool clean.
So many people, all of whom just want one thing: to make sure that you enjoy your stay with us!

Magic Island Dive Resort
Basdiot, Moalboal
6032 Cebu
Phone Philippines: +63 32 358 5477
Mobile Philippines: +63 927 206 1791
(please keep in mind the time difference, thank you)