Our address:

Magic Island Dive Resort
Basdiot, Moalboal
6032 Cebu
Phone Philippines: +63 32 358 5477
Mobile Philippines: +63 927 206 1791
(please keep in mind the time difference, thank you)



The whole resort has now WIFI. At your balcony, the bar or relaxing in the lounge area, everywhere you can connect to the internet with your smart phone or laptop.


The Philippines have a tropical climate with temperatures between 25 - 27 °C in December and 32 - 34 °C in May/80 - 84 °F in December and 85 - 92 °F in May. In our central Philippine The Visayas area it is possible to diving all year round. There is always a chance of some rainy showers, but most of the time this is only for a short period.

Water temperature: coldest 26 °C in January till warmest 29 °C in July. Coldest 80 °F in January till warmest 84 °F in July.

Dive information

As the water temperature is between 26 and 29 °C / 80 °F and 84 °F we recommend to dive in a 3mm long suite.
All our tanks are 12ltr/80 cubic and from aluminium. They are suited for as wel DIN as Int., no need to bring an adaptor.
If you are not able to bring all dive gear, no problem! We have all gear available for rental, from BCD's, regulators, suites upto dive lights.

Traveling documents

To enter the Philippines your passport has to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure of your tip. You are responsible for having all the necessary papers at departure or during your stay in the Philippines. If you want to stay longer than 21 days in the Philippines you need a tourist visa. Ask to your local Philippine embassy. Arrange your passport, visa and other travelling documents in plenty of time and be aware that embassies, consulates and other officials have busy times. Travellers without the necessary documents will be refused entry by the immigration department at the airport.

Vaccinations and Hygiene

For information on vaccinations we advise you to contact your doctor or local specialist. Be careful with drinking water from the tap. We advice drinking bottled mineral water. Not every restaurant and bars uses mineral water to make ice cubes or to wash salads, vegetables or fruits. We supply all of our cottages with unlimited amounts of drinking water.
The island of Cebu is already many years free of malaria.

Languages and Religion

The Philippines are Asia in a modern jacket, because of the long presence off the Americans. The predominant Catholic population speaks English as well as Filipino. The Philippines are a religious country. 90% off the population are Christian, with 80% Roman Catholics. In the xtreem south, especially the island Mindanao, many practise Islam.



The Peso is the official currency at the Philippines. In Cebu City it's not difficult to find operating ATMs, but the ATM in Moalboal is not always on-line. Cash, Euros, UK Pounds and USD and credit cards VISA and MasterCard. We have a permanent internet connection, so payment through internet banking is also a good option (don't forget to bring your bank details).

Time difference

The time difference in the Philippines is 6 hours ahead of central Europe.

Electricity and plugs

In the Philippines we have 220Volt system, in contrary to what some travelguides write. All sockets are suited for European and American plugs. For users of 110Volt chargers we have a charging area in the restaurant where you can be sure to have only 110Volt.

Laundry service

As traveling with dive gear usually limits the amount of other luggage, we offer a laundry service. Within one or two days your wash is returned fresh and clean.