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Now also at Magic Island: minibar and coffee & tea sets


Complementary coffee or tea early in the morning on the balcony of your bungalow while looking out over the sea and watching the sun rise or a cold beer from your minibar at midnight to look at the stars, how great is that.

Magic Oceans Celebrates its 1st Anniversary


Time for cake and celebrations.
It’s hard to believe it has only been a year since we opened our doors to our first guests. We celebrated in traditional style with one of the fabulous cakes from our local baker.
Within the first year we have welcomed guests from Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, France, America, Australia, Finland, Taiwan, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, Austria, Turkey, Japan, Italy and the Philippines into the resort.
We have also had many repeating guests in our first year including Nini, Annabel, Jackie, Monica, Anders, Matthias, Mats, Richard and Resianne.

Having Trouble Seeing the Pygmy Seahorses?


Want to see Seahorses without needing a magnifying lens? Come and join us for a dive here in Anda, not only do we have the microscopic Bargibanti and Denise Pygmy Seahorses, but we also have numerous ‘normal’ seahorses. We have numerous Thorny Seahorses (Hippocampus Histrex) here on some of our sandier dive sites. Which means you can leave the magnifying glass and super macro lens back in the dive centre and enjoy watching these beautiful marine creatures as they laze along the sea bed, and occasionally see them swim over to a new rock to attach themselves to as they do a little more chilling out. Oh to have the life of a seahorse!

Magic Oceans goes Hollywood

Let us invite you to see our very first Magic Oceans production.
Make sure you are sitting comfortably, have some chips or popcorn in your hands and enjoy our very first Magic Oceans Dive Resort video. Get a glimpse on what will wait for you in our resort when you visit us.

Opening magic oceans


Magic Oceans Dive Resort opened the doors on July 1 2015. We and our complete team are looking forward to accommodate you in our own designed and very cosy resort.

Turtle rescue; meet Magic Ayu, our healed turtle.


For the very first time in 10 years, we came across a wounded turtle. The animal was not able to dive and she was exhausted from trying. With the help of our staff and guests Magic Ayu was carefully placed in our cleaning basin. An expert veterinary from Cebu gave medication and instructions on how to get Ayu to take the pills she needed. After staying in a private pool for 9 days she was well enough to be released and she swam away happy and healthy.

10 year anniversary!


On January 2th our team came to congratulate us. Due to a lot of things that we have on our mind, like the construction of the new resort, preparation of 2 big dive shows and the Christmas and New Year, we actually forgot this big day, but our team did not. They arranged big cakes, balloons and gave big hugs as the best present we could ever wish to get from the best resort team we know.

Magic PHoto Experience 2014


See amazing pictures of the underwater world of Moalboal. Every year the professional photographer Karin Brussaard visits us together with 18 photographers. The cameras vary from small compact cameras to big digital “reflex” cameras. Over the 10 day trip, Karin will help the photographers to become much better and to learn to get the very best out of their equipment.
See the best 5 pictures per candidate



BootCamp Numansdorp made children happy at Basdiot Elementary School
500+ children from Kindergarten age up to Grade 3 pupils received handy plastic pencil-cases with crayons, pencils, paper, eraser, sharpener and paper which they use daily in school. The kindergarten pupils also received additional gifts of a toothbrush and toothpaste. Thank you Boot Camp Numansdorp for their kind sponsorship and thank you Magic-Team for your time and effort.

New item in our store


Rash guards! What more do we need to say about that? They are blue, they fit great and have our beautiful coloured mandarin fish on the back. All the dive crew team are very happy to be wearing them.

BBQ at the beach


As summer has started it is great to spend a day at the beach. On request we organize a BBQ after the morning dives. Mady joins us on the beach and she is also a great singer at the karaoke.

New polo shirts and caps


After many years we have exchanged the Magic T-shirts for classy polo shirts with our new logo embroidered on them.
The whole team is wearing these colorful polo shirts with a great smile. This time we choose to have one color only, crisp white and it goes perfect with the multicolor of the mandarin fish. Also the new caps are now in stock, black with our colorful Mandarin fish logo.
Both the polo shirts and the caps are also available in our shop for our guests!

The sardines are back!


This amazing phenomenon has returned
Every year the sardines pop up along the coastline of Moalboal. This unique bait-ball can be seen diving as well as snorkeling. The sardine season starts in September and usually ends somewhere in January. Picture is by Cees Kassenberg.

DiveAssure and dive more relaxed!


While reading the small print of your Travel Insurance you will see that most insurances do not cover dive accidents. Dive insurance policies are usually for a whole year which is of no use when you are a vacation-diver. With DiveAssure you can now get coverage for the length of your stay and it is easy and fast to arrange, you can even do it on the spot.

Read the brochure

Check out pictures taken by guests


Every month a lot of fantastic pictures are put on our Facebook, but if you have no account you cannot see them. That has changed!

Now everyone can look at all the great pictures that our guests have taken without needing a Facebook account. Click on the link and see over 100 pictures that have joined the Picture of the Month contest (but did not win).

Look here!

More critters!


Our dive guides have been diving for a long time in the waters of Moalboal and know so many different species that we wonder how they still manage to discover NEW things. This time it is Juan who found a rock shrimp, leander plumosus. It lives up to a depth of 15mtr and is really small, 3cm max. It has an amazing design on its body and a beautiful golden-brown colour.

New room amenities


We are constantly upgrading the services we provide! There are several new features in the rooms including hair-dryers, shampoo and soap and also a laundry basket for our laundry service.

Saw blade shrimps


These thin shrimps are also called “broken back shrimp” because their back has a bend half way. They can be found in long, thin corals like whip coral. The pictures show a male and female. Both pictures are from Rob de Vries. Do you want to know what other critters we can show you?
Take a look

200 children celebrating Christmas


The annual Christmas party for all the children from our neighbourhood was again very successful. More than 200 children came to the event with their parents. There was a dance competition, games, great food and a lot of presents.
Look for pictures of the party

Maritime police diving with us again


Last year we trained the local maritime police officers to Open Water diver level and some of them to Advanced diver.
Of course, experience is important so from time to time they come and dive with us to develop their skills. This time the whole team was present including the police captain and they were wearing their new “uniform”.



The biggest dive exhibition in the United States, DEMA, is probably the biggest underwater exhibition in the world and attracts visitors from all over the globe.
This year DEMA is taking place in Las Vegas, USA from November 14 to 17 and Magic Island will be there. You can find Arie and Desiree at the stand of Wow Philippines, nr. 823/1023. We hope to see you there.

Recycling is hot, also in the Philippines


One of the things that the Philippine people are very good at is recycling.
In the market you will find all kinds of everyday articles made from “rubbish” and in our souvenir shop you can find fantastic and colorful bags, dishes, bracelets, etc., all made from rubbish like old magazines, soda cans, etc.

Dear dive friends,


The season has come to an end and as the team looks back on the 2011-2012 season they reminisce about the fantastic guests we had; guests who came from all over the world, who were so kind, joyful and extremely nice to them.

That's why the team wants to say: Dear guests, thank you all for coming to Magic Island!

Boot Show in Germany


From January 21 to 29 it was again time for the annual Boat Show in Düsseldorf. Magic Island was the guest of WIRO Dive. It was a very successful show, where we saw many familiar faces just came to say hello. There were also many new faces, faces which we will greet again over the coming months, but then nicely here at Magic Island.

Kids Christmas party 2011


Along with 2 colleague resorts we have organized a really great afternoon for the 170 children of our district. As a thank you, there were dances performed and after that they enjoyed the spaghetti, chicken and bread. At the end of the afternoon there were of course gifts. See the picture:

Green Fins


The Green Fins organisation has also started in the Philippines. Our dive centre was the first from Moalboal to get the annual approval sign!
Green fins is a organisation from the United Nations Environment Programme and Reef World. Their mission is: To protect and conserve coral reefs by establishing and implementing environmentally friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable diving tourism industry.

Oldest diver at Magic Island


This month Corry was our guest and she is now the new record holder.
This young lady is 77 years old, very enthusiastic, a great diver, fantastic company and she is very young at heart. We say: congratulations!

Discover Scuba


As during the construction of the new kitchen the resort was closed, our whole staff could get the opportunity to learn how to dive.
It was a big success and almost everyone made a dive at the house reef, complete with turtles and frogfishes. Our staff now understands even better why guests come to visit us.

A new kitchen


After three months of preparation for this big project, the resort was closed for 3 weeks in July.
For many years our kitchen team created the best food you can imagine in the old and small kitchen, but now they can really let themselves go on the new, modern and professional stainless steel kitchen. The team is very happy with it and that can be noted!



Besides “Pirates of the Caribbea” there are now also “Pirates of the Philippines”.
The pirates have taken over our boat and they take the divers on journeys to mysterious dive spots with caves, steep walls covered with hidden jewels and bright white beaches. Who knows what kind of treasures they find!

Boot nr.3 in use


In the previous newsletter we have already mentioned the building of our third boat and now it’s in use.

Boot Show 2011 in Germany


Late January Desiree and Concheng were the guests of Wiro Dive on the Boat Show in Germany. It was a very successful show with many familiar faces but also many potential guests came by. For Concheng it was a great experience, flight, jet lag, food and European culture. She now understands how our guests feel and she can give even better service.

Reception of Magic Island


The team has recently expanded with Nerissa.
With the growing number of guests we have extended our reception crew. Besides Concheng there is now also Nerissa present throughout the day. She can help you out with questions; arrange massage, waterfall tours and she also assist with the many e-mail correspondence.

Christmas party for the kids


Together with Planet Action we organised a Christmas party for the kids of the neighbour- hood. There was food, drinks, presents and music. The kids performed dances to thank us. It was a great event that for sure we will do again in 2011.



Finally we succumbed to the pressure of guests to make a Facebook page.
You can find us at Facebook, or thru the link at our Homepage. We welcome feedback of what you think of the page and more importantly, what topics we can add. We already got requests for a photo album of the staff and a cooking section.



The whole resort has now WIFI. At your balcony, the bar or relaxing in the lounge area, everywhere you can connect to the internet with your smart phone or laptop.

NEW: Welness Spa


Have you had an intense day diving? If so, it’s high time for some pampering. Treat yourself to a Mahiya Masahe, or Magic Massage.

Project NEMO


See the Moalboal way to teach the kids, cause the kids are the future. read the story



There is really no better way to explore your surroundings. Touring around at your own pace and discovering the real Philippines. You can hire motorcycles at the resort.

dive_for_eartch_day2009_288x48.bmp Padi Aware Philippines

On April 22 we together with our diving guests searched the reefs of Moalboal for garbage. The good news: we found little! Because the divers were not so busy, there was also time for a reef survey. Again good news: the coral gardens are in excellent shape. It turned out to be a fantastic day and we know for sure: next year we do it again! Who will join us?

Internet cafe

Check your e-mails, safe your pictures, make a holiday diary, upload your weblog, . . . It's all possible! Especially for our guests we have installed a new computer with internet connection.

Real coffee instead of instant

Finally we bought a professional coffee machine and now we can offer our guests espresso, cappuchino and more. To make everything complete we also have some flavors like chocolate, caramel and hazelnut.

Whale shark month


February has turned into a whale shark month. Many of our divers were lucky; on total we had 3 sightings this month.